The Strange-ness: Arm Pit Fans

The arm pit fan product. Source:
The arm pit fan product. Source:

Thanko, a Tokyo, Japan-based company, is offering an arm pit fan that may be attached to short sleeves to keep arm pits and shirts dry.

Details and illustrations on this Thanko web page detail how embarrassing wetness can be, and how the fans may be placed to avoid embarrassing arm pit stains.

Apparently, the arm pit fan may be clipped onto a short sleeve facing the arm pit, or attached to the front of a shirt to cool throughout. The rectangular device is battery operated.

The Thanko shop is available on this link; however, the arm pit fan does not seem to be an available product at this time.

Certainly, this is not a mainstream product seen often in the US.  Still, it serves a purpose for people who feel uncomfortable or are tired of wet armpits. From the desscription, this product may provide relief and comfort.

So, don’t be shy about wearing this to work.  Next thing you know, everyone will want one!

According to the English description on their site, Thanko’s products are “called ‘RAREMONO’ (rare / unusual / extraordinary things in Japanese), have been seen on TV , magazines,
newspaper, many articles on internet and heard on the radio occasionally. We are very popular and supported by many since established in 2003.”

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