The Strange-ness: California UFO Sightings

Mutual UFO Network.
Mutual UFO Network.

By Kay Whatley, Editor

State of California residents reported dozens of UFO sightings in November. According to the MUFON reporting system, 43 sightings were reported since early November.

This is about the same as the number reported across California in October, up from 30+ in September and August. November reports range from far-off glowing lights to aliens.

To see photos and videos, as noted with reports summarized below, visit the MUFON database and search for yourself.

December 1 — Hesperia CA (San Bernardino County) — Could have been a meteor, but never changed brightness and slowed down twice.

November 29 — Citrus Heights CA (Sacramento County) — Light red in color, semi-crescent ribbon shape [object] with no flashing lights.

November 29 — Hollywood Hills CA — Noticed after picture; submitted with two photos.

November 28 — Orange CA (Orange County) — A bright reddish orange hue in the NW sky hovering.

November 27 — Thermal CA (Riverside County) — “Big tall alien man and it ran very fast after a bright light moving weird movement.”

November 27 — Tulare CA (Tulare County) — It was green and I know they heard me from however far they were.

November 26 — Stockton CA (San Joaquin County) — I encountered a ofu outside my house.

November 24 — Oakland CA (Alameda County) — Hovering or circling near the moon. Five photos were submitted along with this report.

November 23 — Long Beach CA (Los Angeles County) — like the orbs that are reported but much much larger and orange very very bright no sound.

November 22 — Long Beach CA (Los Angeles County) — I observed flashing lights for 30 mins. Watched them fly sideways. got closer to object and saw a craft high up in the sky. This report was submitted along with three movie files.

November 22 — Valencia CA (Los Angeles County) — Star like object no lights, pulse-like illumnination east-to-west but hovered too.

November 19 — Brentwood CA (Contra Costa County) — Orange glowing oval-shaped object that emitted small orange orbs. A drawing was included with this report.

November 19 — West Hollywood CA (Los Angeles County) — Black bow tie looking object zig-zagged and looked like it was floating down before rising up and heading over mountains.

November 19 — city unspecified CA — Multiple spheres spotted over the San Fernando Valley.

November 18 — Placentia CA (Orange County) — Three triangle lights traveling at a high rate of speed, could not judge the height or distance.

November 18 — San Jose CA (Santa Clara County) — Bright light that changed from horizontal to vertical movement.

November 17 — city unspecified CA — Multiple red and white blinking and pulsating lights hovering disappearing and reappearing surrounded by circling helicopter and plane. Four movies were included with this MUFON report.

November 17 — Ocean Beach / San Diego area CA (San Diego County) — “My wife and I saw several UFOs and one of them responded to what seemed like us talking and pointing at it.”

November 17 — La Habra CA (Orange County) — A group of about a dozen or more objects that shifted from orb-like to disc-like, and flew in circular patterns.

November 15 — Del Mar CA (San Diego County) — Another black triangle was reported.

November 15 — Alameda CA (Alameda County) — Saw object hovering, thought it was a drone, as I looked it started to move and I took photos. Appeared flat no blades or other drone/propulsion parts; see-through but black in some areas. This report includes a video and five photos.

November 15 — La Jolla CA (San Diego County) — It was black and moved slowly without being effected by turbulence. It had three lights on the bottom that didn’t blink, and what looked like to on the side point of the triangle, one random red light. Submitted with a movie and three photos.

November 15 — Arleta CA (Los Angeles County) — “Black Beam sighted on 170 Fwy from horizon connecting to a chemtrail above the San Fernando Valley.”

November 14 — Oceanside CA (San Diego County) — The witness was in the backyard taking photos of airplanes when another object caught their eye. Five photos were included with this report.

November 14 — San Pedro CA (Los Angeles County) — “We were sitting outside on our porch and was looking at the sky and seen the bright red that I have never seen before and was hovering over Catalina Island, CA.”

November 13 — West Los Angeles CA (Los Angeles County) — Extremely bright objects in the sky near LAX.

November 12 — Ocotillo Wells SVRA CA — “8 reddish lights, 2 horizontal rows of 4. Faded out on right, reappeared on left slowly. Then all gone and followed by 1 bright and much bigger red light that descended slowly.” Report was submitted with a video.

November 12 — Vacaville CA (Solano County) — “I saw a bluish-purple, Saturn-shaped object in sky. It was hovering, then just disappeared.”

November 12 — Sacramento CA (Sacramento County) — Star like object spotted in the afternoon. This report included a photo and video.

November 10 — Fresno CA (Fresno County) — “Just taking photos from my backyard it wasn’t until I uploaded my image I then saw the black object.” Five photos are included with this report.

November 10 — Fresno CA (Fresno County) — “Solid dark black oval shaped with no windows, wings and no sound. I only saw the object when I uploaded my images on iPhoto.” Five photos were included with sighting report.

November 9 — San Jose CA (Santa Clara County) — Viewed [object] in the northeast sky at 3am. Two photos were included with this report.

November 9 — city unspecified CA — Witness reported “a humanoid entity.” Two photos were included with this report.

November 5 — city unspecified CA — “I saw 5 lights then 4 lights traveling from the West headed East. Not in a solid straight path, they mover around eachother. Then after 5 min they headed up and disappeared.” A photo was included with this report.

November 7 — Porter Ranch CA (Los Angeles County) — A witness reported flashing lights.

November 6 — Los Angeles CA (Los Angeles County) — White lenticular-shaped craft appeared and disappeared in less than two seconds.

November 5 — Tehachapi CA (Kern County) — Witness was traveling eastbound on SR-58 approximately 1 mile from Tehachapi exit, and saw a large, cigar-shaped metallic object stationary in the sky — to the east up above the mountains.

November 5 — San Deigo / Long Beach area CA — Sighting of multiple UFOs while at sea, off the Southern California coast.

November 5 — city unspecified CA — “Let my dogs out looking up watching the night sky bright flash of light overhead small object moving north.”

November 4 — Edwards AFB CA — “Sun reflecting off it caught my eye as it sped by.” Three photos were included for this sighting.

November 4 — Redlands CA (San Bernardino County) — “I watched an object rise from low to the ground all the way up into the sky until it hovered for a moment and disappeared.” Submitted with a movie and two photos.

November 3 — Long Beach CA (Los Angeles County) — Light shooting downward, in seconds.

November 3 — Santa Clara CA (Santa Clara County) — Light with a an abnormally fast linear (straight line) descent before glowing brighter and then going out completely.

November 2 — Montebello CA (Los Angeles County) — Approximately 20 UFOs circling the city, hovering, going left and right, and going around city. Four videos were included with this report.

November 2 — Pleasanton CA (Alameda County) — An estimated 30 delta-shaped (triangular) things all flying around.


The MUFON sightings database is searchable online by date, location, and other criteria. Check to see if UFOs have been reported in your area.

If you’ve seen an unidentified flying object and want to share your experience, visit and click “Report A UFO” (green button) for an easy form to submit UFO sighting with details.

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