Reading Event Planned in Wilson NC on Nov. 5

Source: D.S. Epps, Wilson NC.
Source: D.S. Epps, Wilson NC.

CreativeMindz Book Lounge is holding a special reading event on November 5, 2016, starting at 3pm. Readers of all ages will have the opportunity to check out books, learn about book clubs, and maybe win prizes! This event is scheduled from 3-6pm at CreativeMindz Book Lounge, 1502 W Nash Street, Suite B, in Wilson NC.

This independent urban bookstore’s event is designed to promote literacy for all ages. During the event, food will be provided at no charge.

With a motto of Open Books Stimulates Open Minds, the day’s events include the Book Club random prize and school-age children’s prizes.

Wilson County Public Schools are working to boost low-performing districts and increase academic performance system-wide. Founder of CreativeMindz, author D.S. Epps, believes that home and community must join forces to building literacy and help children reach reading levels that will help to boost their school performance.

CreativeMindz Book Lounge’s goal is:

to encourage more reading and create success through sustainability with a continued incline in performance and academics amongst our students.

To reach this objective, Epps will encourage reading through using culture which they comprehend and to which they can relate. She believes that this will spark an interest and encourage reading.

CreativeMindz is a unique bookstore offering read out loud, literacy workshops, free e-book reads, book clubs, entertainment, and opportunities for all ages.  They encourage continued academic growth by recognizing High School Seniors who have passion in writing and strive for excellence throughout their school year.

CreativeMindz Book Lounge values courtesy, integrity, and outstanding service to authors/publishers, customers, and the Community. Expansion is planned for 2017 to give published authors and publishers the opportunity to showcase their literary works and achievements. The book lounge’s strategic plan includes generating revenue for authors, publishers, and businesses through in-store and online book sales and events.

Be sure to come by the lounge on November 5, 2016 — no matter what age you are — and enjoy the literacy activities and community!

For more information, visit

About DuWanda S. Epps

Founder DuWanda S. Epps is a two-time best-selling author, an inspirational speaker, and community activist. She has co-authored five books and authored ten. Her books include Flowin Emotions, Women on a Mission, and more, released along with several children’s books in English and Spanish.

Ms. Epps graduated from the Metropolitan College of New York with degrees in Human Service and Public Administration. She is currently working on her Doctoral Degree at Capella University.

She is founder of the Ur Worthy Movement against domestic violence and sexual assault, and worked with Profit Cultivating Change II which assisted families in need.

To find out more about Ms. Epps and her books, visit

Book Donations

Book donations are currently being accepted, and may be in any genre.

For the CreativeMindz Empowering Library, authors are encouraged to donate books for local women’s shelters. To arrange a donation, email

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