Rocky Mount NC Police Create New Focus on Solving Homicides

Source: City Of Rocky Mount NC.
Source: City Of Rocky Mount NC.

The Rocky Mount Police department is meeting the expectations of Interim Police Chief Willie Williams’ promise to focus full attention on solving homicides. This includes the review of all unsolved cold homicide cases.

Two weeks ago, Williams organized a new Rocky Mount Police Department Homicide Squad. The Homicide Squad will continue to work on unsolved homicides committed in 2017.

On March 2, 2018, Williams announces the implementation of the second phase of his initiative, a Cold Case Homicide Task Force utilizing experienced investigators who will work jointly with the new Police Department Homicide Squad. They will summarize the witnesses’ interviews and review evidence collected, processed and tested, as well as DNA evidence.

The Cold Case Homicide Task Force will help to provide a new direction or focus on cases to follow based on these factors: identify additional witnesses who need to be interviewed or re-interviewed; identify changes in technology or laws that enable the identification of a potential suspect through DNA evidence; and identify any individuals involved, including suspects, as well as the criminal histories of persons incarcerated for the same crime or similar crimes since the time the crime has been investigated.

Said Chief Williams:

“The mission of the Rocky Mount Police department is to provide the highest level of police service to this community. With the creation of this Cold Case Homicide Task Force and a restructuring of the Homicide Squad, I believe we are headed in the right direction to solve more current and older cases and to ultimately create a safer Rocky Mount community.”


Source: Tameka Kenan-Norman, City of Rocky Mount NC

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