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The McDonald Sisters. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville, Wilson Idol
The McDonald Sisters. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville, Wilson Idol

Once again, Wilson Idol, in conjunction with Summerville Promotion and Production Company, and with Tall One Outreach Ministries, take great pride in continuing the annual exploratory search, which identifies and augments Unsung Heroes, Icons, and Super Stars.

Dr. Summerville is making a clarion call to preschoolers, adolescents, and adults. Her invitation encompasses ages 7 through 65+. Note that the category for preschoolers will serve as an incentive for younger students to experience social, emotional, and academic growth.

Wilson Idol and its collaborative agencies roll out the red carpet to create educational and performing arts opportunities for citizens from Wilson County and the surrounding areas. This educational initiative significantly increases the probability of ‘school success’ as our youth continues their pursuit for graduation.

Documented research-based practices substantiate the fact that our efforts to empower children help them facilitate personal development and acquire educational advancement.  Simultaneously, this same twenty-first-century initiative strengthens the roles of the home, school, and community which affect students in a more positive manner.

If you exemplify outstanding talent and are a person who is greatly revered in your community, you must become involved as Wilson Idol would like to provide a platform that would honor you and your accomplishments. Wilson Idol is an annual event that stages performances that exhibit songs, dance, instrumentation, dramatic arts, and the spoken word.

Why not allow Wilson Idol to open doors for you and launch you on a path to local, state and national exposure. This year’s Wilson Idol Application deadline is August 15, 2017. Contact Dr. Mildred Summerville by phone 252.230.2689 or via email for details on how to apply.

This year’s Wilson Idol will be held at Fike High School, 500 Harrison Drive, Wilson NC on September 9, 2017.

This year we are adding two unique components to The Wilson Idol Event: “Babes (3-9) and seniors (65+) Have Talent Too.”  These particular individuals will display their talents in a non-competitive category and will receive gift certificates sponsored by our local businesses. One of our goals is to continue collaborating with our area businesses because we need their support to ensure a successful community event. The Wilson Idol initiative is geared toward the continual ties that bind unity in our community through performing arts.

Therefore, Dr. Summerville seeks community support, as well as a 100% endorsement from the Chamber of Commerce as this year’s program gets underway.  Finally, as Summerville has noted, “I have already donated the initial down payment for the construction of a steel frame structure — aimed at providing a recording studio venue for the winners and runner-ups.”

If you would like to donate to this project, along with having your picture placed on the Historic Wilson Idol Wall of Fame, email Dr. Summerville or mail your donation to Tall One Outreach Ministries, 4345 Georgetown Drive, Wilson NC 27896. Remember that your contributions are tax-deductible. Additionally, if you have come to appreciate Dr. Summerville’s efforts with the community, assist her with this project, and know that any monetary donation you provide will be greatly appreciated.

We subscribe to building a solid Performing Arts Foundation, which serves all ages ranging from babies to seniors.  It is through these new and innovative outlets that we focus on the importance of The Performing Arts that has the potential to foster and enhance comprehensive, intellectual, social, and emotional development for all individuals.

Wilsonian will be provided an opportunity to display authentic talents in the areas of solo music, band/group music, dance/step and dramatic interpretation. Cash prizes are awarded and the top performers and they will be given an opportunity to perform for Pastor Shirley Caesar, Queen of Gospel. Some participants will also be given a part in the staged-production of an award-winning gospel play entitled, “Spare the Rod, and Spoil the Child.” This Gospel Drama is written and produced by Dr. Mildred Summerville. All winners will be featured in the Spare the Rod Spoil the Child Award Winning Gospel Play Souvenir Booklet, The City Insight Magazine and website, and Summerville Productions online.

The goals of Wilson Idol include the ability to:

  • Inspire all Wilson County residents, especially students, to remain in school and to pursue their personal interests in the performing arts, which may lead to global exposure as well as self-gratification.
  • Display diversity through the performing arts, and to provide a public talent expedition for all interested persons, which allows them to reach their full potential in comprehensive learning.
  • Implore religious organizations, private corporations, and other businesses to collaborate and collaborate with Summerville Promotion, Production Company in providing innovative activities than affecting the performing arts for the city of Wilson, N.C. and the surrounding areas.

Synonymously, Summerville Promotion and Production Company’s goals and objectives rest on the premises of building a solid art foundation and providing a public forum for all residents of Wilson. While focusing on the development of  “The Total Person,” our company seeks to enhance the global aspect of performing arts and includes sharing the stage with renown gospel artists, such as Pastor, Shirley Caesar,  Leanne Faine, Dr. Brooksie Harrington, and Shawn McLemore. Thus, it is through these new and innovative outlets that we seek to create educational, financial, and artistic performance opportunities for Wilson County youth and adults.

Empowering the youth will help to facilitate personal development while strengthening their home, school, and community relationships. Summerville Promotion and Production Company is a community effort that strives to increase the overall potential of success in public schools. Further, this production intends to inspire the community and encourages parents to collaborate with our company and assist with performing arts opportunities.

The Tall One Champion’s Awards was initially launched during the 2015 Wilson Idol Talent Show. Tall One’s Champion’s Award Program honors individuals for their hard work, perseverance, and meritorious contributions to their communities. The chosen honorees have affected their communities through various educational initiatives such as the performing arts, community services, education, and outreach ministries.

In 2016, Tall One Outreach Ministries paid honorable tribute to Bishop Aaron Mc Nair, Dr. Brooksie Harrington, Prophet Calvin Suggs, Pastor Ricky Daughtridge, Evangelist Veronica Morgan, Educator and Counselor Marjie Slagle, and Roy Edmundson. These honorees were recognized as the second participants ever chosen for the category of The Tall One Outreach Ministries’ Champion Division during the fourth-annual Wilson Idol Talent Show.

For 2017, Tall One Outreach Ministries will commemorate the following: Pastor Victor Baine, Phyllis Vick, Dr. Mural Lanier, Bishop Gregory Blow, Tracy Gordon, Esther Gordon, Leonard Slagle, and Dr. Raymond Summerville.

Wilson Idol 2017 flyer. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville, Wilson Idol.
Wilson Idol 2017 flyer. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville, Wilson Idol.

Special Guest Artist and Judges: The McDonald Sisters

The McDonald Sisters are an anointed, musical family group consisting of 4 sisters (Valerie, Pamela, Evelyn, Deborah and their mother, Priscilla). They are natives of Fayetteville NC. The sisters singing career began over 40 years ago when they were small girls singing and dressing like Diana Ross and the Supremes.  Their singing reveals unity and a cohesiveness that brings about a feeling of spiritual inspiration.   Bro. Ken Wormack, a well-known businessman noticed the ladies talent and ability and asked them to let him manage them.  It was then after praying and fasting that Mrs. Priscilla McDonald and Dr. Samuel McDonald decided to give him a chance.  The sisters never looked back. They recorded their first project in 1979, entitled “God is Real”. Their songs started to receive air play. They began to travel locally and from state to state.  As the demand grew to hear these beautiful ladies and their melodic voices so did their travel. They began to travel extensively. The McDonald Sisters would go on to record other projects and witness themselves as the first female Gospel Artist to sell out the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville NC where their Anniversary was celebrated for many years. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s the sisters would continue to record and make a heavy presence in the Gospel Music Industry until DJ’s would often introduce them as the SWEETHEARTS OF GOSPEL!. The sisters have shared the stage with many artists(s), Gospel and R&B.  Such artist as, Walter Hawkins, Dr. Bobby Jones, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Caeser,  Ron Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstong, Timothy Wright, Wynton Marsalis, Al Green, Ben Tankard and many others. In 1984 the sisters were one of several guest artist(s)  for Rev. Jessie Jackson’s Presidential Campaign held in Savannah, Georgia.  In the years of 1993 and 1994, the McDonald Sisters toured Europe in seven countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, and Listentine.  They performed in sold out concerts in 39 cities during the tour.  Later a second tour was done in Bern, Switzerland for the Jazz Festival.

In 1993 the sisters recorded the” Prayer Changes Things” project which quickly became a favorite then and even now today. In 1996, “Give me what it takes” Project was released.  In 2002, “GIVE IT UP” Project was released. In 1997 the sisters witnessed their first LIVE Recording of “PRAISING GOD and WITNESS… LIVE IN ROCKY MOUNT NC which produced two videos. The sisters continued to travel across the country and the demand to seem them was at no slow pace. There were times concerts were turned down simply because the ladies were just needed some time. Family time on the weekends at home turned into travel days to and from one concert to another. The McDonald Sisters quickly accepted the fact that not only did they have to travel on weekends but it also took Fridays to get to concerts and Mondays to travel back home.  It was soon time for a private coach for travel.  Mr. Wormack purchased the ladies their first bus to help provide much-needed rest. The sisters rested a while but were busy planning their own label, Ra-Ola Music Inc which was founded in 2005 and their very own Publishing Company, (VDEPP), which stood for Valerie, Deborah, Evelyn, Pamela, and Priscilla. The next year they returned with another project in 2006, “ I NEED HIM” on their label. It quickly became a favorite and travel increased again. The sisters did not stop but voted their brother, Michael McDonald as President to head their newly formed company. They went on to record a LIVE CD/DVD Project in 2009 entitled ” LIVE” IN CONWAY SC with the Mason Temple Church of God In Christ Mass Choir. By this time appearances on major platforms were constant. TV appearances on Bobby Jones Gospel, Gospel Superfest, Bounce Network, Bobby Hurd and other networks. Performances increased again and the sisters were moving steadily. The McDonald Sisters have been featured in many magazines and several times in the Gospel Music  Round Up to include the 2016 edition. They have received countless awards, certificates, and keys to the city in some states. Ra-Ola Music Inc (owners-McDonald Sisters) proudly release their latest single entitled…  “IN HIS HANDS”  from their latest forth coming project called “SISTERS’ UNITED”.   A second single has been released ..”He’s A Shelter” is currently rating on BillBoard Charts now!!  The sisters recently taped the Grammy Award Winning Dorinda Clark Cole TV Show on 6-28-2016. Airing dates will be soon!!  THEY ARE… THE SWEETHEARTS ….OF GOSPEL….MCDONALD SISTERS.

For more information on The McDonald Sisters, visit their Facebook page, Twitter,, or call Ra-Ola Music Inc at 910.366.7934.

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