SPCA Wake: Adoptions Urgently Needed to Make Room for Hurricane Dorian Pets

Shelter space needed for Hurricane Pets. Adoption discount at SPCA Wake.
Shelter space needed for Hurricane Pets. Adoption discount at SPCA Wake.

As Hurricane Dorian approaches NC, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County needs to make room for urgent pet rescues needed along the coast. To encourage adoptions, the SPCA is offering 50% OFF all adoption fees now through the weekend.

The overwhelming number of requests for rescue help from coastal animal shelters is causing the SPCA to make life-saving decisions. The SPCA is only able to take in additional pets when space is available. To make room for more rescues ahead of the storm, the SPCA is cutting all adoption fees in half.

The SPCA Admission Center and Pet Adoption Center are quickly reaching capacity, meaning the privately-run SPCA is unable to help additional rescue pets currently at risk as Hurricane Dorian approaches.

“Our phone has been ringing throughout the last few days, asking for help emptying animal shelters ahead of the storm. These pets are currently available for adoption at coastal shelters, and their kennel space is needed for owned pets that might be displaced during the storm,” said Angelina Darling, SPCA Admission Center Director. “When a pet is lost during a disaster, the best place to reunite the owner and pets is at their local shelter. For this reason, they need empty kennels.”

“One shelter that is asking for our help right now, is a coastal shelter which had their roof collapse during Hurricane Florence. They are being proactive and asking for help emptying their kennels ahead of the storm. We need to be there for them,” Darling added.

The reduced adoption fees will include spay/neuter surgery, deworming, basic vaccines, and a microchip (an estimated value of over $300.00).

If families are not able to adopt, but still want to help, please consider making a donation at spcawake.org/donate.

Interested in Adopting a Pet?  The SPCA Pet Adoption Center is located at 200 Petfinder Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603. Phone number is 919.772.2326.

To view adoptable pets, and for hours and directions, visit spcawake.org.

The mission of the SPCA of Wake County is to transform the lives of pets and people through protection, care, education, and adoption. The SPCA is dedicated to creating a humane community where every adoptable animal has a home. Each year the SPCA rehomes over 3,700 animals through its innovative adoption programs.


Source: Darci VanderSlik, SPCA of Wake County

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