Wake Forest, NC Fire Department to Join the Town

One of the five WFFD stations. Source: Wake Forest Fire Department
One of the five WFFD stations. Source: Wake Forest Fire Department

After nearly 100 years of operating as a private, non-profit organization, the Wake Forest Fire Department (WFFD) is a giant step closer to joining the Town of Wake Forest.

During the Tuesday, September 17, 2019 Wake Forest Board of Commissioners regular monthly meeting, the Board unanimously authorized Town staff and the Town Attorney to prepare an agreement between the municipality and the fire department to move forward with consolidating the department into the Town’s municipal structure. Staff was authorized to engage the services of EnviroSafe to assist with the transition and consolidation from the Department to Town. The proposed effective date of the consolidation will be July 1, 2020.

The Board’s authorization comes a month after EnviroSafe, a management consulting firm specializing in local government public safety services, released a comprehensive report recommending that the WFFD join the Town. A week later, the Wake Forest Fire Department Board of Directors also voted unanimously for the fire department to become part of Wake Forest town government. To review the feasibility study and the executive summary and recommendations, visit www.wakeforestnc.gov/…/fire-department-feasibility-study.

Over the next several months, an executive team comprised of Town Manager Kip Padgett, Chief Financial Officer Aileen Staples and Fire Chief Ron Early will begin meeting with appointed sub-committees to initiate the WFFD’s transition to the Town. Representatives from the Town and the Fire Department will make up the members of those sub-committees which include Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, Facilities, Capital Assets/Fleet and Equipment and Operations.

Established in 1921, the WFFD currently operates with five fire stations throughout Wake Forest. The department provides fire protection, emergency medical and rescue services, as well as a public education program for the community. The department is comprised of 77 paid personnel, six administrative personnel, nine part-time employees and 55 volunteers.

Wake Forest Fire information may be found at www.wakeforestfire.com. Follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.


Source: Bill Crabtree, Town of Wake Forest

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