Who Doesn’t Love Popping Bubble Wrap?

Sealed Air Bubble Wrap IB Expressions. Source: Sealed Air, Charlotte NC.
Sealed Air Bubble Wrap IB Expressions. Source: Sealed Air, Charlotte NC.

Fans Can Pick the Product’s Next Design by participating in the Pop the Vote contest through February 13

By Jennifer Grabenstetter and Pam Davis, Sealed Air

This year’s annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day — celebrated January 30, 2017 — is all about getting out the vote. Sealed Air, the company that manufactures the plastic packaging solution, invites Bubble Wrap fans to cast their ballots in its Pop the Vote contest to determine the next bubble shape.

The Bubble Wrap everyone knows and loves is no longer relegated to a common, cellular shape. Bubble Wrap (specifically, the inflatable Bubble Wrap IB brand) can now be made into stars, hearts, smiley faces, and more. The new offerings are part of the Expressions line, which also offers special phrases, logos and colors.

Visit the Pop the Vote webpage (sealedair.com/popthevote) today through February 13, 2017, to cast a vote. The most popular option will be revealed on Bubble Wrap’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds February 17, 2017, at 10:15am (EST). Soon after the revelation, the winning option will be added to the Bubble Wrap IB Expressions line.

Voters have three categories from which to choose:

  • Greetings – Thank You, Congrats, Hugs & Kisses XOXO;
  • Shapes – Ice cream cone, Sun, Flower, Dog Bone, Music Notes; and
  • Patterns – Basket wave, Cable knit, Chevron.

In addition to participating in Pop the Vote on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, fans are encouraged to visit the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day webpage and show their love for the product on their social media accounts. Here are a few sharing ideas:

  • Post photos and videos using #KeepPopping and #BubbleWrapDay. Make sure to tag @BubbleWrapSEE on Twitter and Instagram;
  • Present your most innovative uses for Bubble Wrap.
  • Make “pop” art using Bubble Wrap to create your own masterpiece; and
  • Write a Bubble Rap by composing an ode to the plastic protector.

In 1957, Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes set out to create a new wall covering by laminating two plastic sheets with air bubbles in between. Although their invention never caught on as interior decor, the two men discovered the material’s light weight and insulating properties were very useful – first as greenhouse insulation and then as the packing material we now know as Bubble Wrap®. In 1960, Fielding and Chavannes founded Sealed Air Corporation with Bubble Wrap® as the company’s signature brand. Learn more here.

Sealed Air Corporation’s portfolio of widely recognized brands, including Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions, Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning and Diversey® cleaning and hygiene solutions, enables a safer and less wasteful food supply chain, protects valuable goods shipped around the world, and improves health through clean environments. Sealed Air has approximately 23,000 employees who serve customers in 169 countries. The corporation is online at sealedair.com

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