Rights of Disabled Focus of Civil Rights Walk

Source: PRNewsFoto/The Jonathan Carey Foundation, Delmar NY.
Source: PRNewsFoto/The Jonathan Carey Foundation, Delmar NY.

Administration Blocks Civil Rights in New York, says The Jonathan Carey Foundation

Released by Michael Carey, The Jonathan Carey Foundation

The Jonathan Carey Foundation “Civil Rights Walk for the Disabled” team is on its way to Washington DC to demand Justice and seek civil rights investigations by the US Department of Justice. This Civil Rights walk is to take decisive action to end decades of horrific discrimination against the disabled.

Governor Cuomo took active measures to block basic civil rights of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities in residential care. The Cuomo administration ensured that 911 emergency first responder medical and police services would not be immediately notified when the disabled are victims of physical and sexual assault crimes or have died suspiciously.  Mandated reporters and witnesses continue to be directed to report suspected crimes and suspicious activities to Cuomo’s State abuse hotline, where most cases disappear. District Attorney’s and medical examiners are purposefully kept in the dark and are rarely notified guaranteeing a lack of prosecutions.

The blatant unequal treatment of People with disabilities in New York State (NYS), which, in many cases, leads to their premature death, must not continue. The Jonathan Carey Foundation is fighting for the basic civil right to “equal protections of the law” guaranteed to all people, under the New York and US Constitution.

People with disabilities matter too, wide-scale discrimination and civil rights violations must be stopped. Basic equal rights and equal privilege to emergency 911 first responder medical and police assistance for people with disabilities in group homes are being systemically, denied in NYS.  The direct result of purposeful bypassing of the 911 Emergency call systems and local police, crimes against the disabled, are not being prosecuted, therefore, in the vast majority of cases, the perpetrators of these crimes go unpunished.

Egregious inequalities and civil rights violations continue in New York State in 2016 after two major exposes, Willowbrook & NY Times “Abused & Used” investigative reporting series, exposed the horrors speaks volumes about how New York State treats their most vulnerable: www.nytimes.com/interactive/nyregion/abused-and-used-series-page.html.

We must speak up and demand New York protect her most vulnerable and ensure mandated reporters directly call 911 to end these civil rights violations.

I have always looked up to and admired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for his great courage, and all he fought for and unfortunately, died for, equal rights for all.  — Michael Carey

For more info, visit jonathancareyfoundation.org or email.

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