Author’s Presentation at MUFON-NC Well-Received

Ray Szymanski and Danny Gordon. Source: Raymond Szymanski, retired USAF Senior Engineer and Author, Ohio.
Ray Szymanski and Danny Gordon. Source: Raymond Szymanski, retired USAF Senior Engineer and Author, Ohio.

By Kay Whatley, Editor

More than 50 people came to hear author Ray Szymanski speak on the topic of “greys” — aliens named for their skin color — at the Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina (MUFON-NC) May 14, 2016, meeting. Attendees listened to a presentation on the Fifty Shades of Greys book, asked the author questions, and gathered for discussions over dinner.

MUFON-NC meeting attendees included the curious, the informed, and the experienced. The curious were first timers who had never attended a UFO-centered event. The informed were researchers and intellectuals who are well-read on the topic. Experiencers are those who have seen an unidentified flying object which they connect to extraterrestrials or had contact with aliens in one form or another.

Attendee occupations were across the board: housewife, computer specialist, military officers and enlistees, business types, writers, researchers, psychics, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and more.

There were also a dozen door prizes donated by the US Air Force Marathon Office, which were given away during the May 14 meeting.

According to Lakita Adams of MUFON-NC, Mr. Szymanski was a big hit with the crowd.

“Our attendance was around 55, and there were 5 NC MUFON Field Investigators at the meeting.  It was a very diverse group, as is typical for our meetings.  The many different perspectives make for some interesting conversations.  After the meeting, we had 25 attendees meet for dinner, where the conversations continued for over 2 hours.”

Ms. Adams also said that attendees appreciated the author’s diligent research and attention to presenting facts.

The author not only joined the dinner, but continued discussions with attendees outside on the sidewalk until after 9pm!

According to Mr. Szymanski, the most compelling question asked was, “Why was the Woodbridge Base Deputy Commander, Col. Charles Halt, unaware of the binary code that Jim Penniston supposedly downloaded when he touched the landed craft in Rendlesham Forest.”  This question refers to a 1980 UFO incident in England — an event considered to be”Britain’s Roswell” — overseen by Col. Halt, where Penniston reported an object evading him in the forest.

The answer from the author to the discussion group was simply that the binary code remained a secret in Penniston’s notebook for over 30 years and was revealed without any intervention from Col. Halt.

The May 14 meeting was held in Winston-Salem NC. For more information on upcoming MUFON-NC meetings and locations, visit

The following day, Mr. Szymanski was interviewed by radio host Danny Gordon on his radio show. An attendee at the MUFON-NC presentation connected Mr. Szymanski with radio host Danny Gordon — based in Wytheville VA. Danny is best known for authoring the book Don’t Look Up which documents a multi-year UFO flap near Wytheville, beginning in 1987. Strange objects and lights in the sky were witnessed by thousands of local residents and documented in Danny’s book.

The interview with Mr. Szymanski is airing through the week on WLOY 660 AM in Wytheville, and is available at

At the  2016 Dayton Book Expo in Ohio, Raymond Szymanski’s Fifty Shades of Greys was recognized as the top-seller in nonfiction. For this, he was awarded a crystal plaque, book medallions, and one-year feature on the Dayton Book Expo website. The author’s Fifty Shades of Greys Kindle book was available at the MUFON-NC event, and 24 attendees purchased a copy.

The full title and subtitle of the book is Fifty Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Beyond. It is available exclusively via for Kindle and in soft back.

Ed. Note: Thank you to Valerie J Lewis Coleman for the Dayton Book Expo information.

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