Industrial Hemp Funding Goal Reached in NC

North Carolina Triad - Hemp informational session in Greensboro NC image. Source: NC Industrial Hemp Association, Raleigh NC.
North Carolina Triad - Hemp informational session in Greensboro NC image. Source: NC Industrial Hemp Association, Raleigh NC.

Initial Commission Funding Complete! On to the Next Step Toward Growing in North Carolina.

Released by the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association

The NCIHA saw the next step to hemp production in NC sprout Wednesday when $200,000 of non-state money, as required by Senate Bill 313, was presented to the Commissioner of Agriculture, Steve Troxler. Through the joint efforts of the NC Industrial Hemp Association and BioRegen Innovations Cooperative, the initial operating expenses of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission have been funded. “We are excited about the possibility of a spring 2017 hemp crop but there is still a lot of work to be accomplished,” said Commissioner Troxler during the meeting.

The meeting involved a discussion of potential legislative changes, including:

  • Introduction of additional legislation to include more farmers on the Commission
  • NC State University and NC A&T State University executing the research portion of the pilot program
  • Ability for farmers to market their crops and products

Additional highlights include:

  • Development of a Certified Seed Program
  • Organic farms, small farms, greenhouses and large acre entities have access to grow

A small infrastructure for farmers is present in NC, but additional manufacturing facilities for the broad range of products hemp can produce will be needed in industries including, but far from limited to, fiber and food production, building materials, health, bio-fuels and hemp plastics. The application process to grow hemp will likely commence once the members of the commission have been appointed and that process has started. The NCIHA voting members will be notified when this process begins.

The NCIHA is continuing to accept memberships and donations for the ongoing efforts of the commission and efforts related the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission, per the provisions set forth in SB 313. Anyone using the “Promise Pledge” is encouraged to submit their pledge now.

The NCIHA is looking to bring North Carolina to the top of the industry in worldwide hemp cultivation. Hemp is a sustainable and renewable agricultural resource that provides raw materials in high demand due to the corresponding supply required for the tremendous growth of economic opportunities within this re-emerging industry.

Our Executive Director, Board, advisers and volunteers will continue to do all we can to raise the ongoing commission funds and to continue day to day operation of the NCIHA. We are open and available to answer your questions or concerns regarding this important and exciting topic. Please contact the NCIHA to contribute or to help us organize local, industry sector, or other business meetings that can help to inform all interested parties.

Thank you for your support and a BIG THANK YOU to all volunteers and contributors for this wonderful step towards growing hemp in NC.
The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA) is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association that was conceived in late 2014 to serve as the driving force toward the legitimate and legal growth of hemp in North Carolina, with its many industrial and medicinal uses. We use this vehicle to educate and lobby state lawmakers and farmers alike, and to spur the necessary changes needed in order for NC law to comply with Federal Legislation commonly known as the US Farm Bill of 2014. These efforts have opened the door to legal hemp cultivation by first passing SB 313 into law well ahead of our original legislative goals of 2 to 3 years.

The NCIHA is a 501(c6) non-profit organization and all donations made to the NCIHA are tax deductible. Connect with the NCIHA online at www.ncindhemp.orgemail, or follow on

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