Local Author Releases Pirate-themed Novel: Chasing Blackbeard

Chasing Blackbeard book cover. Source: Steven E. Davis
Chasing Blackbeard book cover. Source: Steven E. Davis

Chasing Blackbeard, a historical novel released July 23, 2018 by author Steven E. Davis, is the coming-of-age story of a cabin boy and scribe that decides to dedicate life and limb to cover the story of history’s most feared name in piracy. The maniacal Edward Teach leads a life filled with self-destruction, demonic pacts, and drug abuse. Can Eli Ellis be enough to save this larger-than-life character?

Chasing Blackbeard, while fiction, was written with breathtaking historical accuracy. This is a story of love, drug abuse, jealousy, and eventually an unseen betrayal that will leave you rereading to find clues you may have missed throughout the story.

Anyone that has ever enjoyed reading and learning about Blackbeard, piracy or Eastern North Carolina will thoroughly enjoy this piece.

Beginning in what is now The Bath Area of Eastern North Carolina, this story shows the incredible struggle and lifestyle of a cabin boy and scribe serving under Edward Teach, his perspective on his piratical career, and how his lifestyle eventually would lead to his downfall off the shores of Ocracoke.

Chasing Blackbeard is part of a larger set of Historical Fiction pieces called The Carolina Series. To follow along on this novel and future releases, follow the author on Amazon.com.

Steven E. Davis was born and raised in the Nash and Wilson counties of North Carolina and lives a simple life out in the countryside of Rural Nash County. Writing since 2005, this is his fourth release following his most-recent novel, Saponi — the first book in The Carolina Series in which Historic Fiction is used to allow the reader to learn more about area lifestyles throughout different eras in our great state.

With questions, or for more information about Davis, visit Sovereign Tomorrow Publications on Facebook.

An opportunity to meet this author and others is scheduled for Saturday, August 11, 2018, 10am-5pm, at Braswell Memorial Library, 727 N Grace Street, Rocky Mount NC. Local authors will be speaking, signing books, and have locally-written books available. Readers and aspiring authors are encouraged to attend.


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