Rhine “Mysterious Short Story Contest” Returns for Second Year

Source: Rhine Research Center, Durham NC.
Source: Rhine Research Center, Durham NC.

Entries Being Accepted June 1 to August 10, 2018

Writers and experiencers from around the world are invited to submit their adventures in precognition, telepathic fantasies, or poltergeist incidents for the chance to win cash or other prizes. The Rhine Research Center is holding its second-annual “Mysterious Short Story Contest” and entries may be submitted as soon as Friday, June 1, 2018.

Adults 18 years and older are welcome to submit a short story or nonfiction narrative of 2,500 words or less with one or more of the following themes:

  • Telepathy — mind-to-mind communication through a means other than the normal senses (for example, ESP).
  • Clairvoyance or Remote Viewing — knowledge of objects, people, or events that are hidden via space or time. For example, an object hidden in a box in a different room, a photograph sealed in an envelope, an event that is occurring to a loved one who is thousands of miles away, or the characteristics of a room that only existed in the past.
  • Precognition — knowledge of an event that has not yet occurred, or information that appears to be transferred from the future into the present.
  • PK or Psychokinesis — Mind interacting with matter at a distance. Mind interactions with living systems (including energetic healing) are sometimes included in this category.
  • Survival Studies — The nature of human consciousness and an examination of whether consciousness survives the physical form. This includes mediumship research, reincarnation, out of body experiences, apparitions, and ghost activities.

Stick to the available themes listed; do not submit short stories covering the adventures of zombies, aliens, or vampires.

Once you have your short story or nonfiction narrative ready, submit it as a Microsoft Word document from June 1 to August 10, 2018. An application will be required along with a $20 application fee. See the Official Contest Rules and access the application via links on this www.rhine.org web page.

Winners will be announced by October 10, 2018. In addition to the aforementioned cash or prizes, winning writers will have an opportunity to share their creations at a Rhine event in October 2017, near to Halloween.

The Rhine Research Center, based in Durham, North Carolina, started its scientific research in the 1930s, when Dr. Rhine of Duke University started the Parapsychology department. Today, the Rhine holds psy-related events, oversees an onsite research library, and conducts scientific research projects on ESP and Parapsychology. Find out more about their work and public events at www.rhine.org.


Source: Rhine Research Center

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