Shirley Caesar and Past Winners to Perform at Virtual Wilson Idol on Nov. 1

Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show
Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show

Wilson Idol will be noncompetitive this year, instead virtually presenting the Legendary Winners from the Wilson Idol contests 2013-19 and other special guests. Internationally acclaimed Pastor Shirley Caesar, recognized worldwide as The Queen of Gospel, will perform during the concert broadcast from Wilson, North Carolina.

Produced by Tall One Outreach Ministries, the Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show will be aired on Sunday, November 1, 2020, 6pm on BGNTV, KNTV, and streamed nationally on Facebook.

Movement of Wilson Idol to virtual, like all large-scaled public special events, aligns with COVID-19 state and local public health precautions. Tall One Outreach Ministries and the Summerville Promotion & Production Company are dedicated to promoting the general safety of staff, participants, audience, sponsors, and media participants.

All segments of the Wilson County community will continue to share their talents and gifts. Wilson Idol in conjunction with Summerville Promotion and Production Co., and Tall One Outreach Ministries created a segment of the mega program called “Babes Have Talent Too” which is for  preschoolers, ages 3 to 9 to become participants. This talent concert creates an incentive for younger children to perform, and to acquire social, emotional, and academic growth in their future school environments. This year’s special guest is Caleb Serrano. Caleb is a 8 year old gospel artist from Greensboro, NC. Caleb’s gospel career began when a video of him singing at a church event went viral on social media…Caleb has had numerous TV appearances on the Steve Harvey Little Big Shots Show, Harry Connick Show, and 700 Club.

Wilson Idol 2020 will remotely stream stage performances that exhibit songs, dramatic arts, and “the spoken word.” The legendary Wilson Idol concert will continue to “opening doors” and launch their participants on extraordinary paths towards regional, state, and national exposures.

Raleigh-based Pastor Shirley Caesar exemplifies herself as a personal commitment to educational achievements. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Shaw University as an exemplary student with a bachelor’s degree in the School of Business Administration. Shirley Caesar pursued her music, and the profound legacy of spiritual music made legendary by the historic Fisk Choir and Gospel greats. In 1990 she spiritually connected her musical talents with a church and community leadership commitment as she was ordained as a church leader by Bishop Harold Ivory Williams (her late husband). Pastor Caesar not only sings about divine love and service in the Christian traditions, but she also serves as the Senior Pastor in today’s world at the Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church located in Raleigh, our state capitol.

Dr. Mildred Summerville said:  “I am humbled and extremely excited that Pastor Shirley Caesar will once again review (virtually) the enormous roll of talents and stars that we have in Wilson,  North Carolina, and the surrounding area that participated in Wilson Idol throughout the years”. Gospel icon Shirley Caesar with the prestige of her 12 Grammy Awards, 18  Dove Awards, 14 Stellar Awards, and her Star plaque in Hollywood, California on the Walk Of Fame, brings us extraordinary experience   with which to judge our enormous Wilson County talent.”

The Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show is a unique event held over many years to recognize youth and community talent. The mega event significantly increases a sense of youth appreciation and create community awareness about educational needs through performing arts. Dr. Summerville explains: “Today amid, the COVID19 Pandemic with everyone shut-in and masked we need to continue etc: 1) find ways to unveil our enormous talents, 2) contributing to the increase student of achievement and graduation rates, and 3) provide scholarship encouragement for our youth whether they are in school face- to- face this year or at home being educated through remote learning.”

Summerville is also delighted to announce that acclaimed actor, comedian, and singer Trina Jeffrie is also known as “Sister Cantaloupe” to the Gospel community, will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the notable Concert. Notably, Ms. Jeffrie’s theatrical stage character, Sister Cantaloupe has become, in the last few years, a “household name” in the regional and national Gospel community. The Sister Cantaloupe character created by Trina, is a “cat-eye glassed” wearing, colorful, and loud-speaking church-going woman. She is often compared to Tyler Perry’s fabulously popular character “Madea” because of her direct and descriptive humor.

Trina is credited with three award winning hit DVD & CD’s, and has recorded five Video/CD/DVD’s that are nationally distributed. These recordings include:  Go Cantaloupe Go (1996), Laffing Out Loud with the Lord (1998), Un-Be-Weave-able (2002), Dr. Bobby Jones All Star Comedy (Lions Gate 2004), and Armed and Dangerous (2006). Her DVD 3 pack Classic Comedian Collection (2012) Jeffries was awarded Best New Artist and Best Video and she is the 2014 winner of the AMG award for “Comedian of the Year.”

All of this year’s participants will be featured on BGNTV, KNTV, and in The TCP Magazine; they will also be posted on the following websites: and

Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show flyer. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville
Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show flyer. Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville

Wilson County native, Dr. Summerville, the producer of the Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show, received nine community service awards since the enormous enrichment event’s conception, having been recognized for making a historical impact on Wilson County’s community and its talented citizens.

The goal of Tall One Outreach Ministries is to boosts school attendance, decrease the dropout rate, increase the graduation rate, and encourages students to pursue their interests in the performing arts. This enrichment initiative provides substantial marketing, advertisement, and publicity through social media, the internet, newspapers, magazines.

Summerville Production Company aims to build a solid arts foundation that will serve all ages and ethnicities through innovative outlets. Our comprehensive mission is to encourage all Wilson County residents to participate in performing arts while providing them an opportunity to share the stage with professional artists. The continued support by Pastor Caesar affords Wilson County the benefit of her legendary experience.

The Wilson Idol’s mission is to create research-based, festive talent-based exhibitions and showcase special events organized to recognize the positive attainments, gifts, and talents.  This notable and spectacular event born in Wilson County is an asset to East Carolina, serving as a motivational partnership with students, youth, families, schools, and communities now burdened by pandemic personal losses and disruptions. It is our belief that by empowering the children and students along with other age segments of the county will help them promote in each contestant a unique personal development, while simultaneously strengthening positive identity and inspired productivity at home, in schools, and communities.

The Wilson Idol 2020 Virtual Talent Show legacy event continues the Tall One Outreach Ministries, Inc. and Summerville Promotion & Production Company’s partnerships with Wilson County media, governor officials and sponsors for the benefit of youth and participants in its surrounding area. This year’s sponsors are: Hancock TV,CW22, The Art Council, Total Impact Outreach Ministries, Wilson Times, Laser Focused Marketing Concepts, BGNTV/KNTV, and Global International Alliance.

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