Don’t Be So Busy Working; Take Time to Live

Butterfly on herb plants. Photo: Kay Whatley
Butterfly on herb plants. Photo: Kay Whatley

New Year, Another Chance to Make Life Better Moment-by-Moment

Whatever our society started out to be, it revolves around money. Humans before us erected a system where you can’t live without money, and can’t leave the system.

Utility companies, mandatory insurance payments, grocery stores, and government payments require money. Giving them money can keep our lights on, keep cars legally on the road, pay for housing, provide meals. You can’t stop earning money, but you can resolve to change where your time goes.

In the new year, take time to do what you love, or be with those you love. Embrace as many moments as you can. Anything you miss of life, of family, of important occasions, no employer can or will return to you. Nor will they stop asking for more of your time, more sacrifice of family events.

When it comes right down to it, you’re in charge of your time.

Make a resolution to call more moments yours, to live life while you can.

Happy New Year, fellow humans!

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