Person of the Issue: Michael E. Lane

By Frank and Kay Whatley

Local resident Michael Lane understands the importance of truth. It’s his business.

A former Wilson police officer and highway patrolman, Mr. Lane runs Eastern North Carolina Polygraph Services. Based in Wilson NC, he travels throughout NC and VA administering polygraph examinations and training examiners in use of polygraphs.

A polygraph is an instrument that measures selected physiological activities within the body. The instrument collects data from activities like breathing, blood pressure, and sweating. As an examiner, Mr. Lane poses questions and reviews answers and body responses to determine what is true, and what isn’t.

Mr. Lane graduated from the Virginia School of Polygraph with 16 years of polygraph experience and specializes in the field of interviews and interrogation. He is a certified instructor in Interview and Interrogations.

Working in law enforcement for 37 years, including as a Wilson police officer from 1973 through 1978 and the highway patrol starting in 1978, Mr. Lane received numerous valor awards. These included wards for Lifesaving, NC Highway Patrol Officer of the Year, and the NC Governors Award for Bravery and Heroism.

While working with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, he oversaw the polygraph examination program. He provided examinations for criminal cases, pre-employment screening, internal affairs investigations, sex offense investigations, child abuse investigations, and more.

He also served as State Polygraph Coordinator for the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety. At the time of his initial retirement from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol as a Sergeant, he was serving as head of NC Highway Patrol’s Polygraph Program.

The book, Interview To Confession, The Gentle Art Of Interrogation written by John C. Bowden is based on Mr. Bowden’s 30 years of research and experience with Mr. Lane.

In 2003, Mr. Lane began applying his skilled at getting to the truth with opening of his Wilson polygraph business. while continuing his law enforcement career with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office as a detective and primary polygraph examiner until his second retirement in 2009.

In addition to working with polygraphs, Mr. Lane is a certified instructor in Firearms, Radar, and Defensive Driving. His skills as a marksman include being able to hit a target accurately from 1,000 yards.

Mr. Lane works with government offices, attorneys, businesses and private citizens with his background and polygraph services. Now he helps people get to the truth on important criminal, civil, and private matters. Contact Eastern North Carolina Polygraph Services at 252.230.2334 or visit

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