The Strange-ness: Red Rain

Multiple “red rains” have fallen on India since summertime. As recently as mid-November, these colored rains were still being reported. Residents in several cities in India have reported red rain and their concerns as to what may be causing the phenomenon — and whether the rainfall is safe.

Some gathered samples to show and to send for testing. When gathered, rainwater looks like blood, often red, though browns and other colors have been recorded.

Colored rains are more frequent than one might think! Colored rain has been recorded throughout history and recorded in literature. Red rain has fallen in India, Sri Lanka, the UK, and other parts of the world many times over the past 100 years or so.

Scientific testing has helped analyze rains of more recent decades, removing some of the fear and superstition these rains brought throughout history. Scientific explanations vary from desert sand to red spores and algae blowing up and mixing with the rainfall. Yellow rains have been attributed to honeybees on several occasions.



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