Shades of Grey: Theft

The Grey Area News reporter in Shades of Grey
The Grey Area News reporter in Shades of Grey

Some situations are viewed in black and white; right and wrong. Yet, many people think situations also have a grey area where solutions are not so easily discerned. This is not just about the choices people make, but the thought process they go through to arrive at their decisions.

What Do You Think? Submitted for Your Consideration and Conversation

You’re cooking dinner one evening; it’s already dark outside and your family is in the living room watching the news. A noise outside catches your attention.

Looking out, you don’t see anything. You continue cooking, but are also listening for any more noise. After a minute, you hear another noise outside. This time, you can tell it is coming from the tool shed in your backyard.

Switching on the outside light, you find yourself face-to-face with a man you don’t know, and he is carrying your leaf blower. He sees you have spotted him, and after a moment’s hesitation he grabs some more tools nearby and starts running toward the road.

What do you think you would do next? Would you go outside and give chase? Would you stay inside and call the police to report the theft? Do you think you would feel comfortable asking a family member to go outside?

What if you recognized the person from somewhere in your neighborhood? Would you still call the police? Would you be more likely to think chasing him was a good idea?

Alternatively, what if you or your spouse used the tools in your work and couldn’t do without them? Does that change what you think?



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