Shades of Grey: Growing Up

Some situations are viewed in black and white; right and wrong. Yet, many people think situations also have a grey area where solutions are not so easily discerned. This is about the choices people make, and the thought process they go through to arrive at decisions.

Consider: Submitted for Discussion

Your parents tell you that they are selling your childhood home.

You’re not interested in buying it, but you find yourself on the receiving end of boxes, keepsakes, and furniture that they had been holding for you throughout your life, as you were growing up and up until you moved out.

Do you think that you would get rid of much of it, or find a way to keep all of it? Would you try to get them to keep some of it even as they move? How do you think you would feel about your trinkets no longer being at your parents’ home when you visit?

Long term, do you think that you would feel strange visiting your parents at a new house, or miss the one where you grew up?

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