Rocky Mount NC & Five County Area Roads Flooded Following Hurricane Matthew

Public Asked to Proceed with Caution, Stay Home if Possible

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Folks, I know the sun is shining and you want to go see what shape your neighborhood is in and where there is flooding. The local police and sheriff’s offices are asking folks to stay off the roads.

It is a request, not a mandate, so you can travel; however, understand that they have made this request to help keep roads open for utility / responders who need to get in and take care of people in trouble, fallen trees, and downed power lines. There may be people in flooded areas who need their help. They don’t want to see more people in harms way! They have a lot of work to do, as things are FAR from normal today.

If you don’t need to go out, and are safe where you are, consider staying put.

If you want to help, contact local nonprofits and see where they need extra hands or donations today / this week.

While some of us weathered the storm all right, we have neighbors and nearby townspeople who have damage or need assistance. I know patience will run thin for those of you without water and power. Help is coming. Water and power will be restored in the coming hours, or, well, may be days. Help each other, and understand there are many trees to clear and lines to re-run before everyone has their lights on again. According to the power company announcements before the storm, they had extra workers set up in advance, and let’s hope it is enough to do the job quickly.

Please, be safe. Help how you can. Check on neighbors if you feel safe walking over. If an organization helps you, pass it on so others may know where to go. If you need help, ask!

If you do venture out today, be cautious approaching any areas with small bridges over water or water running alongside the road. Because of dam breaks and overruns, there may be water where you do not normally see water, so be watchful. If you come across water on the road, even if it looks low it can still be fast and dangerous! Do not attempt to drive through; turn around and find another path.

Note that the ground is waterlogged and trees may continue to fall even though Hurricane Matthew’s wind/rain are done in this area.

Be safe, everyone. Be patient. Be thankful we are all here on this sunny Sunday.


Rocky Mount NC / Edgecombe-Nash Counties

According to Tameka Kenan-Norman, Public Affairs Manager with the City of Rocky Mount, in an 8am update, the city of Rocky Mount is experiencing some road closures due to flooding and downed trees. The following roads remain closed:

  • Winstead Ave. @ Maple Creek
  • Halifax Rd. @ Bethlehem Rd
  • River Dr. @ WTP, Minges St, Duke Cir, Gay St, Taylor St. (entire area flooded)
  • Hammond St, Nashville Rd, Harbor West Dr. (entire area on both sides of the Tar River)
  • Zebulon Rd.-from Circle Dr. to Buck Leonard
  • Country Club Rd, from Buck Leonard to Hwy 64
  • Buck Leonard off ramp from Hwy 64
  • Kingston Ave-From Church St to Arlington Ave Ext.
  • Old Wilson Rd-Between Tyan St and Cowlick Creek
  • Riverside Dr-From N Church St to Spruce St
  • Atlantic Ave-From Hwy 64 to Spruce St
  • Old Mill Rd- From Winstead Rd to Stewart Ln

For continued updates on road closures and more, visit

In addition to the road closure announcement from Rocky Mount, the Town of Bailey NC was inundated during the storm, and floodwaters are still receding. Be cautious approaching the Hardee’s / Piggly Wiggly area near the railroad tracks.

Nashville NC Police Department is asking folks to stay at home.

If you know of road closures in Edgecombe-Nash County, or have an update on Bailey, email.

Zebulon / East Wake Area / Franklin County

The dam at Perry’s Mill Pond is reportedly overrun. Pearces Road is flooded in this area.

The Little River also overran its banks, and according to a river rescue last night saved a woman’s life.

Knightdale businesses are a mix, some open and some without power. Power lines are still down in the Target / Harris Teeter area and folks are being cautioned about travel.

Bunn Lake levels are higher than usual over the spillway.

Multiple trees were down from the Pilot area over through the Tant Road area.

Zebulon Police Department is asking folks to stay off the roads.

If you know of road closures in this area, email.

Wilson County

According to a Facebook posting this morning by the Wilson Police Department:

Public safety personnel are working in several areas to clear roads, block folloded roads, and evacuating residents. There are several areas in the city that are experiencing rising flood waters. These areas include Downing Street and Forest Hills Rd area, Lake Wilson Rd between Dunns Crossroads and Riverbirch.

There has been a confirmed dam break of the Silver Lake Dam which is sending a large amount of water to Lake Wilson. The water is flowing rapidly adn will move inot the Toisnot Lake and Toisnot Swamp area.

Most businesses in Wilson are still closed. We ask that all residents refrain from getting out on the roadway unless absolutley necessary.

Additionally, a representative of the Wilson PD says, “At this point, we suggest you stay in your immediate area. It wouldn’t hurt to check on any neighbors that you might have, and see if there is anything that y’all can do to help each other.”

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