Peoples Climate Movement Releases March Route

Peoples Climate Movement logo.
Peoples Climate Movement logo.

March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on April 29 Will Begin at the Capitol, Surround the White House and End at the Washington Monument to Resist and Bring Solutions to Elected Leaders

By Sharon Singh,

A month before a massive crowd hits the streets of Washington, DC to resist the Trump administration’s continued attacks on workers, families, communities and the planet, the Peoples Climate Movement March for Climate, Jobs and Justice released additional information about the March route.

On Saturday, April 29, the March will begin near the United States Capitol, march to and surround the White House for a collective action and then meet at the Washington Monument to share solutions amid an afternoon of art and music.

“The Trump administration continues to push an agenda that endangers our jobs, our health and our planet,” said Paul Getsos, National Coordinator, Peoples Climate Movement. “The path to creating good paying jobs is by rapidly investing in clean and renewable energy infrastructure. This will protect the climate and provide family sustaining jobs.  That is why we need every person who cares about jobs and the planet to march in Washington, DC on April 29.”

The plan for April 29 include:

  • Morning press conference featuring coalition leaders and other notables
  • March begins near the Capitol
  • Participants surround the White House for a collective action to show their strength
  • March ends at the Washington Monument grounds for opportunities to connect, partake in art and music and hear from people around the country

“On April 29th, people around the country will show this administration and Congress that our families, our communities and our planet cannot be sacrificed so that the richest 1 percent can continue to make a profit.”

The Peoples Climate Movement’s March for Climate, Jobs and Justice is being led by a groundbreaking coalition of climate and environmental justice groups, labor unions, faith, students, indigenous peoples and civil rights groups working to build bold solutions to tackle the climate crisis, rooted in economic and racial justice.

For more details regarding the April 29th March for Climate, Jobs and Justice, visit For those not coming to DC, Sister Marches are planned across the US.

For more information regarding Peoples Climate Mobilization, visit Follow their activities on Twitter @Peoples_Climate and Facebook

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