Pizza ATM will Serve 24/7 Pies at Xavier University

Xavier University branded Pizza ATM. Source: Paline (
Xavier University branded Pizza ATM. Source: Paline (

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Hungry students at a Cincinnati, Ohio, university will be able to access hot pizza all night long, thanks to installation of a special pizza vending machine.

In June 2016, Paline — an exclusive partner for France-based manufacturer ADIAL — announced that it is installing the US first Pizza ATM™. The machine will be unveiled at a September 2016 public opening at Xavier University, Cincinnati OH — just in time for the new semester.

The fully-automated machines take pizza pies that have been prepared in advance. Up to 70 pizzas can be pre-loaded into a “cold room” within the machine, which then heats and serves a pizza in a box upon ordering. Cooking and serving takes about three minutes.

Because the machine is available 24 hours a day, students slaving over the books can grab hot pizza from the machine all hours of the night, or during the day if they prefer it to other nearby food options.

This specialized vending machine provides not only a convenience for customers, but may provide “a better quality of life” for pizza business owners. Over time, likely these handy contraptions will show up at more universities and public spaces where restaurants are not available overnight.

Paline is an exclusive partner for ADIAL products and is establishing a network of distributors to market the Pizza ATM.  Paline’s Pizza ATM distributors engage in the sale, installation, training and servicing Pizza ATM™ in designated territories.

More information about Paline is online at

Founded in 2002 in France, ADIAL is the leading manufacturer of fully automated pizza vending machines. The Pizza ATM’s have been in public spaces in Europe for some time. It specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions. It has consistently invested in researching and developing new, unique products and technologies. Their  manufacturing operation is located in an 18,000-square-foot plant in Lisieux, in the appealing region of Calvados in France.

More information on ADIAL is available on their [English] website,


PizzaATM "how it works" graphic. Source: Paline (
PizzaATM “how it works” graphic. Source: Paline (
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