Haunted Field of Screams Transforms in to an All-New Scream Park for the 2018 Season

Source: Haunted Field of Screams, Thornton, Colorado
Source: Haunted Field of Screams, Thornton, Colorado

Featuring four contrasting attractions, the park opens September 21

On Friday, September 21, 2018, the Haunted Field of Screams (HFOS) opens as an all-new scream park for the 2018 season. Built into a 40-acre corn field, HFOS will deliver a daunting indoor/outdoor haunt experience only 15 minutes from downtown Denver at 10451 McKay Road, Thornton, Colorado.

Backing the famously haunted Riverdale Road, the scream park offers four contrasting interactive haunt experiences that prey on individual’s innermost fears:

  • Dead Man’s Maze
  • Zombie Paintball Massacre
  • CarnEvil
  • Condemned

Building the attractions from the ground up, HFOS is able to offer an unpredictable, fresh haunt experience yearafter-
year. This year, visitors can expect interactive haunts with escape room elements and raw, thrilling fright factors across all four attractions.

Said Mark Villano, co-owner of the Haunted Field of Screams:

“With the goal of extending the haunt experience beyond the doors of the attractions, the Haunted Field of Screams transformed into an all-encompassing scream park for 2018. From haunt-themed carnival games and escape rooms, to interactions with monsters roaming the site, we’re excited to offer our visitors a haunt experience unlike any other.”

Within the scream park, there will be two 5-minute escape rooms — John Doe and Jane Doe — haunted CarnEvil games, photo stops, concessions, beer sales and more. Tickets for the escape rooms and games may be purchased onsite.

The Haunted Field of Screams is open September 21, 22, 28, 29, and 30, 2018; Thursday-Sunday nights in October; and Wednesday, October 31, 2018. The park opens at sundown and closes at 10pm on Thursday and Sunday, and at midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Four attractions, one ticket price: $39.99 for general admission with VIP Fast Pass and Instant Access upgrades available. To purchase tickets, visit hauntedfieldofscreams.com.

Started in 2001, the Haunted Field of Screams is Colorado’s largest scream park where terror grows fresh every year. Located 15 minutes north of I-70 and I-25 at 10451 McKay Road, Thornton, Colorado, the iconic attraction is built into a 40-acre corn field and offers four contrasting, interactive haunt experiences.

To learn more about HFOS, visit their website or engage on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #FeartheCorn.


Source: Cristina Palombo, Haunted Field of Screams

Ed. Note: See this article for details on a related attraction in Thornton: Maize in The City.

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