Clayton, NC Company Piper Lou Donates $50,000 to Help Fight Australia Wildfires

Hearts for Australia hoodies being printed and shipped from the production warehouse. Source: Piper Lou Collection
Hearts for Australia hoodies being printed and shipped from the production warehouse. Source: Piper Lou Collection


North Carolina-based Piper Lou Collection is raising funds to fight the Australia Wildfires. The online retailer is using the sale of its products to crowdsource donations to the Australian Red Cross. To this point, the company has donated over $50,000 and plans to extend that beyond $100,000, which is their current goal.

At least 25 people have been killed, many communities and ecosystems destroyed, with an estimated loss of 1 billion animals in the wildfires. Humans are responding with tremendous acts of compassion. Relief efforts from celebrities have been impactful in raising funds and awareness. Comedian Celeste Barber raised over $32 million on Facebook, breaking the platform’s fundraising record. Chris Hemsworth has also donated $1 million along with many other celebs.

Said Keegan Rush, Co-Founder of Piper Lou:

“Our goal is to raise over $100,000 and hopefully much more. If we are but a blip on the radar of what is being donated, that is great as it means much more aid is being delivered to Australia in a time of need. I cannot fathom the pain they are experiencing at the moment.”

Piper Lou is donating 100% of Net Profits from its “Hearts for Australia” Campaign directly to the Australian Red Cross.  Piper Lou sells Tumblers, Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.   To support the cause and purchase one of the items that donate to the wildfire relief, visit

Piper Lou’s large following on social media has helped bolster the company’s efforts. Said Corey Rush, CEO of Piper Lou:

“Our brand has such an amazing following of customers and supporters. They really have rallied around this cause with us. We like to call what we do Fashion with a Function. We are able to give customers a great product that is directly tied to a great cause. Furthering the awareness of how drastic these fires are is paramount to helping aid the relief efforts.”


Source: Corey Rush, Piper Lou Collection, Clayton, NC

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