Local Businesses Invited to Participate in Wendell, NC “Treat Trail” 2019

Wendell Community Center. Source: Town of Wendell, North Carolina
Wendell Community Center. Source: Town of Wendell, North Carolina

By Kay Whatley, Editor

The Halloween Treat Trail in Wendell, North Carolina is scheduled the evening of Friday, October 25, 2019. In preparation, the Town of Wendell welcomes businesses to sign up. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations may hand out candy and treats for children alongside business materials for adults.

Thousands of children walk the trail each year.  Local businesses are stationed along the trail greet the children, give them goodies, and provide product and service information to adults. It’s a good opportunity for local business promotion. Meet-and-greet thousands of potential customers as a part of the Halloween Treat Trail. Businesses are assigned spots along the trail, where they spotlight their businesses on decorated tables, and often dress in costume. Each year one business is recognized for having the best display.

The trail will be open 5-8pm, and significant numbers of children will come for treats. Businesses that choose to participate must provide their own supply of goodies and handouts. Consider the cost of this obligation when deciding whether to join the trail.

Every year starting in 2016, the Town of Wendell’s Parks and Recreation Department has held this fun, community-oriented event. Children and their families — most dressed in costume — traipse along the trail collecting treats and connecting with other community members. It’s free to enter and walk the trail, making it an affordable and safer alternative to trick-or-treating.

Note that all costumes and displays must be non-scary, whether walking the trail with a child or standing at a business table.

The trail runs through Wendell Community Park, 601 W Third Street, Wendell NC. Parking is available by the community center.

To register a business, call Jeff Polaski at 919.366.2266 for the registration form. For information and updates, follow the town Facebook page, the Wendell Parks and Rec Facebook page, and visit the town website.


Halloween Treat Trail 2019 flyer. Source: Wendell (NC) Parks and Recreation
Halloween Treat Trail 2019 flyer. Source: Wendell (NC) Parks and Recreation


Source: Wendell Parks and Recreation

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