Imagination Station Holds Monthly “Fabulous Fridays” in Wilson NC

Source: Imagination Station Science and History Museum, Wilson, North Carolina
Source: Imagination Station Science and History Museum, Wilson, North Carolina

The first Friday each month from 3-5pm, the Imagination Station Science and History Museum opens its doors for Fabulous Fridays — free, public events designed for the whole family.

Each event includes crafts, games, and talks meant to connect science and history to our lives. Everyone of any age is invited to see what’s going on.

Upcoming Fabulous Fridays include:

  • For the Birds — Friday, March 2, 2018 @ 3-5pm — Take flight as we explore the world of birds! We will host Sylvan Heights Bird Park and the NC Wildlife Refuge and some of their live birds. Be sure to stick around for a special program by the American Wildlife Refuge all about raptors, birds of prey and not the dinosaur!
  • Egg Drop — Friday, April 6, 2018 @ 3-5pm — More on the Egg Drop below.
  • A Walk on the Wild Side — Friday, May 4, 2018 @ 3-5pm — Explore the animal kingdom with us for our last Fabulous Friday of the year! Dan the Animal Man! will share some of his fascinating animals with us. Stick around afterwards for a meet and greet with the stars of the show.

Admission fees are waived on Fabulous Fridays. Admission to the Imagination Station is normally $5 per person (adults/children), with free entry for children 3 and under and Museum members.

Imagination Station is located at 224 Nash Street E, Wilson NC. Parking is available behind the museum in their Douglas Street parking lot.

From the Imagination Station regarding their mission:

Imagination Station Science & History Museum exists to stimulate an interest in science, technology, and history while improving the quality of informal science education through dynamic hands-on science learning.

Through outreach, interactive programs and exhibits, Imagination Station is committed to serving as a major educational resource center for eastern North Carolina families, school systems, educators, and students. Imagination Station seeks to enable people of all ages to discover the impacts and future of science and technology on their daily lives.

This science and history museum is online at, on Facebook here, and on Twitter. With questions, call  252.291.5113.

April “Fabulous Friday” Egg Drop

Have you ever seen an egg drop? These engineering-oriented events give people an opportunity to build a device that can protect an egg when dropped from many feet in the air. A variety of materials may be used, with each “engineer” designing their own device. The goal is to have your egg “survive” the drop and remain in one un-cracked piece.

For this April event, participants may build an egg-protecting device at home in-advance, or build it at the event.The one BIG rule is that participants can only use eggs provided by Imagination Station.

Eggs will be placed in the devices built, and dropped from the Wilson water tower — a drop of 100 feet.  Can you build a device that will protect your egg?

Sponsored by Brewmasters, this Fabulous Friday is free.

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