Carmike 10-Wilson Movie Review of the Issue: Red Dawn

By Kay Whatley, Editor

For this issue, we reviewed Red Dawn, a remake of a 1984 movie about an enemy army attacking on American soil.

If you never saw the 1984 version, you’ll still be able to follow the action. And there is a lot of action! And explosions, combat situations, and fast moving scenes. And, if you liked the original movie, you might like this new one because of some of the similar dialog and characters, the “Wolverines” mantra, and young stars who have picked up the ball (or grenade) and ran with it.

Fans of the TV show “Drake And Josh” may recognize actor Josh Peck, who jumps into this big screen roll and seems to really shine as character Matt Eckert — a role played by Charlie Sheen in the 1984 film.

My husband and I thought it was OK. I think we both kept comparing it to the 1984 Red Dawn, which we liked.

Our preteen girl really liked the movie. In fact, as we left the theatre, she said, “That was the best movie I’ve ever seen.” Surprised us both, but her review may help you decide whether you take the youngsters in your life out to see this show.

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