Discarded Trash Makes Work for Others, Not in a Good Way

A Wilson, North Carolina, sidewalk covered with old gum and gunk. Photo: Kay Whatley.
A Wilson, North Carolina, sidewalk covered with old gum and gunk. Photo: Kay Whatley.

By Kay Whatley

I’m a smoker, so this is written for my fellow smokers.  It is also written for those of you who like to chew gum, though I’m not a gum chewer.

Have you ever gone shopping or out to run a few errands, and come across a scene like the photo above?

Some of my fellow smokers and some gum chewers don’t take the time to dispose of their trash — the cigarette butts and chewed gum.  I have walked on many too many sidewalks where butts litter the grassy areas, and gum is ground into the concrete.

Have you ever tried to remove gum from concrete?  The store owners, or property managers, or some poor worker, has to get out there to clean and scrape those gum spots. Some of it will likely not come off completely.

These same store owners, property managers, or some poor workers have to get out and sweep up cigarette butts left behind.

I know when I light up a smoke, within a few minutes I’ll have a butt that needs to be extinguished and disposed of somewhere.  It isn’t a surprise; happens with every smoke.  I dispose of the butt — even if it means going out of my way to a public can, or leaving it in my car.  If my kids chew gum, they know to wrap it in paper for later disposal, or throw it directly into a trash can. Gum not only makes a mess on sidewalks, but can stick to shoes or even stick to a pet’s fur or paw.

So, please, think about other people. Plan ahead and don’t make a mess.

Keeping sidewalks and even trails clear of sticky gunk and ugly cigarette butts saves work and looks better for all of us!  It’s not hard; it just requires a little extra thought to take responsible action.

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