A Little Bit of History: The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Located a few miles away from Bennett NC and Harper’s Crossroads NC, is a small piece of land known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

All that is visible is a barren circle in the forest, a bit off a beaten path. Nothing has grown, nor will grow, within the 40 foot ring. Even a US Geological Survey team could not find a scientific explanation for the lack of growth within the circle.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is one of North Carolina’s oldest legends. One of the “legendary” explanations for the bare circle of ground is that the Devil spends his nights pacing around in a circle as he thinks of ways to torment human souls.

So, as Halloween approaches, when you finish with the haunted houses and pumpkin picking, take a walk to see this “attraction” for yourself.  The address — as close as can be got since it is in the woods — is 4005 Devils Tramping Ground Road, Bear Creek NC (Chatham County).

Wikipedia offers a little bit more about the Devil’s Tramping Ground here. Links at the bottom of that page include one to a UNC-TV science video.


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