Chuckle of the Issue: Einstein

In 1921, as Albert Einstein was making rounds on the lecture circuit, he found himself eagerly longing to get back to his laboratory work. One night as his chauffeur was driving him to yet another rubber-chicken dinner, Einstein mentioned to his chauffeur — a man who somewhat resembled Einstein — that he was tired of all the speaking engagements.

“I have an idea, sir,” his chauffeur said. “I’ve heard your speech so many times, I’ll bet I could give it for you!”

Einstein laughed loudly and said, “Why not? Let’s do it!”

So, when they arrive at the dinner that evening, Einstein donned the chauffeur’s cap and jacket and sat in the back of the lecture hall. The chauffeur walked up to the podium and proceeded to give a beautiful rendition of Einstein’s speech. The chauffeur even answered a few questions expertly at the end of the lecture.

Just as they were winding down the event, a pompous professor asked an extremely esoteric question about anti-matter, adding expansive detail so that everyone in the audience would know how intelligent he was.

Without missing a beat, the chauffeur fixed the professor with a steely stare and said, “Sir, the answer to your question is so simple that I will let my chauffeur, who is sitting in the back, answer it for me.”



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