The Strange-ness: Redesigned Hand Warmer is Muff for SmartPhone Users

Tahka hand warmer in use with SmartPhone. Source: Mina Mais, KickStarter
Tahka hand warmer in use with SmartPhone. Source: Mina Mais, KickStarter

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Photographs of a SmartPhone-protective hand warmer continues to be shared on social media years after its KickStarter campaign ended. Although the product was not funded, it’s unique look continues to draw attention — especially in cold winter months.

The Tahka moufle campaign opened on KickStarter in November 2013. According to the Kickstarter description, it’s name means cold weather in the Cree language. The Tahka is designed to keep a SmartPhone warm and dry along with the user’s hands, and even comes with a small wiper for clearing the viewing panel.

While criticism included a fear of falling while the hands were engaged inside the device, humans have used hand-warming muffs for centuries. Even today, muffs may be purchased in cold climates across the globe.

Despite the usefulness of the Tahaka, it did not achieve its KickStarter goal and didn’t go into production. The woman crediting with creating the device, Mina Mais, has several KickStarter campaigns attributed to her name.

But, have hope, SmartPhone users! According to this December 2017 article, the product is gaining attention in Korea. Perhaps at a future date, the creators of this innovative product will bring it to market.

Then, you too can keep your hands and phone warm while texting from the bus stop, stadium, and elsewhere.

Tahka hand warmer. Source: Mina Mais, KickStarter
Tahka hand warmer. Source: Mina Mais, KickStarter


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