American Wildlife Refuge Seeking Support to Build Raptor and Eagle Center in Wake County

An eagle spotted at a North Carolina golf course. Source: American Wildlife Refuge, Raleigh NC
An eagle spotted at a North Carolina golf course. Source: American Wildlife Refuge, Raleigh NC

American Wildlife Refuge (AWR) issued a call for public support last week. The raptor rescue and education nonprofit has a goal of building a large, rehabilitation facility for eagles and other raptors between Wake Forest and Wendell, North Carolina. Funding is needed to make it happen.

According to AWR founder, Steve Stone, the rescue seeks to expand its space to better facilitate eagle rehabilitation alongside other raptors. After more than 20 years of rescuing these gracious birds — from car accidents, shootings, and other incidents — more space is needed to house recovering raptors, and especially eagles. Eagles, the a symbol of America, require special care and space.

A property has been located with the space needed for the raptor and eagle center. The Wake County property is four acre, fenced, and has housing plus two barns — room for an education center, a raptor hospital, eagle rehabilitation, and an office area — is available with a minimum cost of $150,000 for purchase plus costs for facilities preparation.

If you or someone you know would like to support efforts to create a raptor and eagle center, contact Mr. Stone at 919.395.7749.

AWR is a nonprofit corporation (501c-3, 509A-1) founded for the express purpose of providing injured birds of prey with a refuge and educating the public the plight of these animals in the modern world. It is a fully staffed all volunteer organization with over a dozen volunteers.

Since 2001, AWR has performed thousands of rescues.  A video showing owls and other birds of prey being released into the wild, after rehabilitation at their current facility, is available on YouTube.

AWR frequently takes part in public events with raptors to educate the public on these amazing birds and let visitors see the raptors in real life. Watch for them at local Chamber events, public festivals, and events with organizations including NC Wildlife, NC Department of Energy and Natural Resources, YMCA, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Y-Guides, and area libraries.

The American Wildlife Refuge website is For updates, upcoming public events, and creatures helped by AWS, follow their Facebook page.

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