Over the Edge Superhero Supporting Special Olympics Event in Raleigh

Ron Hines at Special Olympics NC Over the Edge (black shirt). Source: Special Olympics North Carolina.
Ron Hines at Special Olympics NC Over the Edge (black shirt). Source: Special Olympics North Carolina.

Adventure Seekers will Rappel 30-story Building on September 30 and October 1, 2016, Superhero Raising Funds

Released by Rachel McQuiston (Special Olympics North Carolina) and Robert B Butler (NCPressRelease.org)

Superhero Ron Hines will be there when Over the Edge comes to Raleigh for Special Olympics North Carolina on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 30-Oct.1, 2016. However, Ron will not be in the spotlight and will not rappel the Wells Fargo Capitol Center — one of the state’s tallest buildings. Instead, for the seventh year in a row, Ron and his crew will be wrapping up their annual one-dollar cookie campaign raising over $150,000 over six years for Special Olympics.

A Sweet Way to Help – $1 Cookie Campaign for Special Olympics. Source: www.behance.net.
A Sweet Way to Help – $1 Cookie Campaign for Special Olympics. Source: www.behance.net.

“I think Over the Edge is a blast,” said Hines, co-owner of Café Carolina and Bakery. “But rappelling, that’s not me. I give that opportunity to our employees.”

Attracting thrill-seekers and high-flyers from across North Carolina, Over the Edge will provide an extreme 30-story descent with scenic and historic views from the heart of the capital city.

Registration is now open at www.overtheedgenc.com.

The cookie campaign, appropriately named A Sweet Way to Help, heats up August 29, 2016, and continues until rappelling activities end on Saturday, October 1, 2016. The one-dollar fresh-baked and oversized treats will be at all four Café Carolina and Bakery locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Chapel Hill NC.

“Every penny of every dollar goes to Special Olympics,” said Hines. “We cover the cost of the cookie, the labor, and everything else.”


Hines’ outreach to people with special needs is a year-round and daily commitment. All locations of Café Carolina and Bakery employ, train, and retain the disabled.

“We’re a small local company that really has a deep interest in the community and people,” said Hines. “One of the things we are driven to do is to help others. We have a special needs program in place – and it’s been in place for over 15 years. We don’t advertise that, we don’t tout that.”

“Trained at a specific task, there are opportunities to find unbelievably qualified and gifted special needs people who have unique abilities,” said Hines. “In certain cases, when looking at specific jobs in our industry, special needs individuals have certain innate characteristics that outperform highly functioning individuals,” said Hines.

“We’re expecting about 200 superheroes to rappel in this year’s Over the Edge,” said Keith L. Fishburne, president/CEO Special Olympics North Carolina. “Each person raises $1,000 or more from family, friends, customers, co-workers, or companies. Prime-time slots are picked by the quickest fundraisers, and we make that easier and fun by providing a web page to each participant.”

“We thank the many people and sponsoring companies for making Over the Edge such a great success each year,” said Fishburne, who has gone Over the Edge four times. “These funds allow us to empower people with intellectual disabilities by giving them opportunities for training, success, and self-esteem in sports – building life skills and lasting relationships.”

Rappel Raleigh's Wells Fargo Capitol Center – Over The Edge Source: www.behance.net.
Rappel Raleigh’s Wells Fargo Capitol Center – Over The Edge Source: www.behance.net.

Special Olympics North Carolina provides year-round sports training and competition for nearly 40,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities across the state, according to Fishburne.

Over the Edge raised $177,000 in 2015. Raleigh sponsors included Spectrum Properties, Sport Clips, Café Carolina and Bakery, and HUB International/RPG Solutions. 2016’s top fundraiser will receive an extended weekend mini-vacation from Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach.

No climbing or rappelling experience is required and Over the Edge will provide rope access experts and veteran adventure professionals. Participants must weigh between 110 and 300 pounds and be at least 14 years of age.

Spectrum Properties contributes the use of the landmark Wells Fargo Capitol Center to benefit Special Olympics North Carolina.

Source: Robert B. Butler, www.behance.net/RobertButler.
Source: Robert B. Butler, www.behance.net/RobertButler.
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