Knightdale Carnival Raises $20,000 for Special Olympics

Source: Captain Tracy Solomon, Knightdale Police Department, Knightdale NC (2016).
Source: Captain Tracy Solomon, Knightdale Police Department, Knightdale NC (2016).

By Kay Whatley, Editor

The Town of Knightdale’s Spring Carnival offered rides and fun foods, plus many enjoyable hours for all who attended. All that fun, food, and rides helped the Knightdale Police Department to raise funds for Special Olympics.

The 2016 Spring Carnival was expected to run from March 31 through April 10, 2016; however, the event ended up running for an extra week. This resulted in a generous donation of $20,000 for Special Olympics from Powers and Thomas Midway Entertainment, exceeding last year’s donation by $3,000.

According to Captain Tracy Solomon,

“Thanks to the kindness and consideration of the local retailers, the property management company, and the land owner the carnival was able to extend their stay and were in Knightdale for 17 days. As a result, we received a very generous donation of $20,000 for Special Olympics from Powers and Thomas Midway Entertainment. The Knightdale Police Department is very grateful for help and support we received this year.”

Before the carnival started March 31, Captain Tracy Solomon said, “Our 2016 goal for total fundraising is $20,000 — or to be a top ten North Carolina fundraising agency.”  Thanks to the many carnival patrons from Knightdale and surrounding areas, that fundraising goal was met.

The Spring Carnival is held each year at Midtown Commons in Knightdale NC.   Each year, the Knightdale Police Department organizes the carnival with Powers & Thomas Midways of Wilmington as a fundraiser for Special Olympics. The Knightdale Spring Carnival has supported Special Olympics for about 20 years.

Powers & Thomas is based in Wilmington NC. More about this carnival company’s history and philosophy are online at

Knightdale is a town in Eastern North Carolina, located between Raleigh and Wendell in Wake County. Town population is approximately 14,000, growing at a rate of more than 20% each year. In March, 2016, Knightdale was named Most Affordable Community in NC.  The Knightdale Police Department recently earned their CALEA accreditation.

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