Knightdale NC 2017 Spring Carnival Open Through Apr. 9

Knightdale Spring Carnival. Photo Source: Brian Bowman, Town of Knightdale, NC.
Knightdale Spring Carnival. Photo Source: Brian Bowman, Town of Knightdale, NC.


**Ed. Note:  For 2018 Carnival information, go here.**


By Kay Whatley, Editor

The Spring Carnival is going on now, and will be open through April 9, 2017.  You can’t miss it — the big Ferris Wheel stands out against the sky — but for navigation the event is at Midtown Commons, 200 Hinton Oaks Boulevard, Knightdale NC.

Parking and admission to the carnival are free. Walk around, play games on the midway, pick up carnival foods or treats, enjoy the rides, or just enjoy being outdoors and basking in the warm sunny days and cool evenings.

Carnival hours this year, weather permitting, are:

Monday-Friday: 5pm-closing
Saturday: noon-closing
Sunday: 1pm-closing

“Closing” may be around 10pm or later.  In 2016, the carnival stayed in Knightdale for several extra days past the original end-date. Right now, the end-date is April 9, 2017. An updated will be added here if the 2017 carnival end-date changes.

Powers & Thomas Midways of Wilmington brings this carnival each year, under the direction of the Knightdale Police Department (KPD). This annual event is the police fundraiser for Special Olympics. Last year, proceeds KPD received from Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment for Special Olympics reached $20,000 — higher than in 2015 when the carnival donation was $17,000. More information on KPD’s yearly fundraising efforts and ranking is online.

Captain Tracy Solomon has been KPD’s Special Olympics Coordinator for about six years, and the department has supported Special Olympics through this Knightdale Spring Carnival for two decades.

For those interested in the rides and attractions, tickets will be on sale, along with ride wristbands for $25.

Even if you’re not a Knightdale resident, this carnival may be worth the drive. The location is open with plenty of parking. KPD is on hand to meet-and-greet with visitors. And, the location includes grocery and other stores if you need to pick up a few things before or after your carnival time.

Powers & Thomas is based in Wilmington NC. More about this carnival company’s history and philosophy are online at Visit the Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment Facebook page, or the Knightdale Police Department Facebook page, for 2017 carnival updates.

The Special Olympics North Carolina is online at

The Town of Knightdale is in Wake County, North Carolina. Town population is well over 14,000, growing at a rate of 20% or more each year. In 2016, Knightdale was named Most Affordable Community in NC.

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