Newspaper Founder, Frank Whatley, Mourned

The Grey Area newspaper is sad to announce the passing of the newspaper’s creator and Sales Manager, Frank Whatley. His smile and cheerful manner will be missed throughout the area. His Obituary is included for those who know him well, and those who met him briefly as he made his rounds.

Frank Whatley Jr. was born on October 12, 1960. He was the oldest of five children. He grew up in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver, Colorado and attended Denver public schools. Frank joined the United States Army in 1979. While serving in the armed forces, he completed a tour that took him to the demilitarized zone in Korea, and Panama where he obtained a Jungle Expert Certification, of which he was extremely proud. Frank was indeed a BMF (he would say use “the google” for clarification) Frank would return to Denver, and to a daughter, Nicole, in 1982.

Frank was a natural conversationalist and people person. He loved people, and people definitely loved Frank. This made him a natural salesman and he sold everything! Vacuum cleaners, Bible Encyclopedias, hardware parts, advertisements, and even cars. Cars were his favorite! His favorite part of this trade, the “kool a** loaner cars” he got to drive around in. Especially the Cadillac! This was Frank’s signature automobile.

In 2006, after 45 years, Frank would escape the rat race of Denver city life for life in the Carolinas. This would be one of the best decisions of his life, as this is where he would meet the love of his life, Kay. He also had the added joy of two additional children, Riley and Nadia.

Frank and Kay would bring out the best in each other. Their unmatched support and faith in one another would bring about great ideas, goals, and adventures with one another. In 2008 they created Grow and Share, a non-profit, which continues to help “fight hunger from the ground up”. In 2011, Kay would help Frank fulfill his dream of starting a small community newspaper that soared in popularity. The Grey Area continues to thrive. He definitely found his perfect match and soul mate in Kay.

In 2014, after a little persuasion, Frank would convince his daughter, son in law Greg Sr., and grandchildren Anisa, Autumn, and Greg Jr. to join him in North Carolina. Having his children and grandchildren near him was the biggest joy of his life.

Overall Frank just loved life. He loved his family, and his friends. He loved fishing whether it was on a local lake or the beach fishing pier. He loved taking photos and he was good at it. He loved to sit back in his favorite chair and listen to music or stream Rockies games. He loved his golf and he definitely loved his Broncos. He loved to retell stories of military life, and friend and family adventures.

It is impossible to sum up such a great man with such a big heart in one small space. His love for his family and friends was unmatched and he will be greatly missed.

Frank is survived by his wife Kay, children Nicole, Greg Sr., Juli, Riley, and Nadia, parents Frank Sr., and Frances, siblings Tina, Alan Sr., Mark Sr., and Hope, grandchildren, Anisa, Autumn, and Greg Jr., and numerous nieces and nephews.

Frank Whatley fishing near NC home
Frank Whatley fishing near NC home
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