UK Care Homes Seeking “Hen Pals” to Combat Senior Loneliness

Call for Hen Pals for the HenPower program. Source: Equal Arts, Gateshead UK
Call for Hen Pals for the HenPower program. Source: Equal Arts, Gateshead UK

Equal Arts, based in the United Kingdom, seeks ways to engage older people at care homes. To fight loneliness and engage seniors, Equal Arts ensures care homes offer creative activities, community connections, and HenPower — care home residents tending chickens — to stave off loneliness and help people feel purposeful.

On October 16, 2018, Equal Arts issued a request to the world: Become a “Hen Pal” and write letters to older people at their HenPower care homes — “Hensioners” they call them, a play on the term “pensioners” used to refer to those on a pension/retired.

Equal Arts seeks volunteer Hen Pals to engage with their Hensioners to improve their well being. Volunteer to write letters for the chance to connect and lift someone’s spirits, and receive a response to lift your own. Here is the HenPower call for volunteers, posted to Facebook:

Do you love letter writing? Why not #volunteer as a Hen Pal? Your lovely letters will be enjoyed by older people living in our HenPowered care homes up and down the country. They’ll be used to spark imagination and creativity and a letter will wing its way back to you in return. We are so eggcited about this new project, we’d love more Good Eggs to get involved. 🐣

Email to become a Hen Pal today!

Contact HenPower via the email provided in their post, if you’d like to participate in this program by writing, and receiving, letters.

To see more about Equal Arts and their HenPower program in 40+ UK care homes, visit Follow HenPower on Facebook for updates, photos, and hen-keeping news.

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