Lockheed Martin-built GOES-R Weather Satellite Launched

November 20, 2016

New Weather Satellite for NOAA to Greatly Improve Weather Forecasting and Warnings By Gary Napier, Lockheed Martin NOAA’s GOES-R weather satellite, built by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), was successfully launched yesterday at 6:42pm (ET) from […]

NASA Small Satellites Will Take a Fresh Look at Earth

November 8, 2016

By Alan Buis (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Steve Cole (NASA HQ) Beginning this month, NASA is launching a suite of six next-generation, Earth-observing small satellite missions to demonstrate innovative new approaches for studying our changing planet. […]

Citizen Scientists Seek South Pole Terrain “Spiders” on Mars

October 21, 2016

By Guy Webster (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Alan Fischer (Planetary Science Institute), Peter Michaud (Gemini Observatory), and Dwayne Brown and Laurie Cantillo (NASA Headquarters) Ten thousand volunteers viewing images of Martian south polar regions have helped identify targets for closer […]

Antares Launch Delayed to Oct. 17

October 16, 2016

**Update: Change in launch date.** By Keith Koehler, NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia The NASA Wallops Flight Facility and Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport were set to support the launch of Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket […]

Hubble Detects Giant “Cannonballs” Shooting from Star

October 6, 2016

Released by Elizabeth Landau (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Donna Weaver / Ray Villard (Space Telescope Science Institute), and Felicia Chou (NASA Headquarters) Great balls of fire! NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has detected superhot blobs of gas, each twice […]

Hubble Shows Possible Water Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

September 26, 2016

Released by Preston Dyches (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Sean Potter and Laurie Cantillo (NASA HQ), and Ann Jenkins and Ray Villard (Space Telescope Science Institute) Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have imaged what may be water vapor plumes erupting off […]

Can You Outrun the Space Station?

September 20, 2016

Nearly 200 Expected to Race the International Space Station This Saturday Released by Janet Anderson, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center The fifth annual Racin’ the Station duathlon is coming up September 24, 2016, at NASA’s Marshall Space […]

Cassini Begins Epic Final Year at Saturn

September 16, 2016

Released by Preston Dyches, Jet Propulsion Laboratory After more than 12 years studying Saturn, its rings and moons, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has entered the final year of its epic voyage. The conclusion of the historic scientific […]

NASA Releases Photos from Curiosity Showing Mars’ Rocks

September 11, 2016

Mars Rover Views Spectacular Layered Rock Formations Released by Preston Dyches, Jet Propulsion Laboratory The layered geologic past of Mars is revealed in stunning detail in new color images returned by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, which […]

NASA Has Mars Landing Planned for 2018

September 2, 2016

NASA Approves 2018 Launch of Mars InSight Mission Released by Guy Webster (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Dwayne Brown / Laurie Cantillo (NASA) NASA is moving forward with a spring 2018 launch of its InSight mission to […]

Spitzer Space Telescope Begins ‘Beyond’ Phase

August 25, 2016

Released by Elizabeth Landau (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Celebrating the spacecraft’s ability to push the boundaries of space science and technology, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope team has dubbed the next phase of its journey “Beyond.” “Spitzer […]

1967 Solar Storm Nearly Took US to Brink of War

August 9, 2016

Released by Lauren Lipuma (American Geophysical Union) and Trent Knoss (University of Colorado-Boulder) A solar storm that jammed radar and radio communications at the height of the Cold War could have led to a disastrous […]

NASA Selects Green Aviation Concepts

August 6, 2016

Released by J.D. Harrington, nasa.gov NASA has selected five green technology concepts that have the potential to transform the aviation industry in the next decade by reducing aircraft fuel use and emissions. The concepts were […]

Straight to the Moon!

August 3, 2016

US Government Approves Plan For Moon Express To Become First Private Company To Venture Beyond Earth’s Orbit For the First Time in the History of Space Travel, a Private Enterprise will Leave this World to […]

Scientists Observe Io’s Atmospheric Collapse During Eclipse

August 2, 2016

Research Reveals Freezing Effects of Jupiter’s Shadow on Moon’s Volcanic Gases Released by Nanci Bompey, Joan Buhrman, Caitlyn Camacho and Lauren Lipuma, agu.org A team of scientists has documented atmospheric changes on Io, Jupiter’s volcanically active satellite, as the giant […]

X Marks the Spot for Milky Way Formation

July 22, 2016

Released by Elizabeth Landau, Jet Propulsion Laboratory A new understanding of our galaxy’s structure began in an unlikely way: on Twitter. A research effort sparked by tweets led scientists to confirm that the Milky Way’s central […]

NASA’s Kepler Confirms 100+ Exoplanets

July 19, 2016

Released by Elizabeth Landau (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Michele Johnson (Ames Research Center) An international team of astronomers has discovered and confirmed a treasure trove of new worlds using NASA’s Kepler spacecraft on its K2 mission. Out […]

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Progresses Toward 2020 Launch

July 16, 2016

Released by Guy Webster (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Dwayne Brown and Laurie Cantillo (NASA) After an extensive review process and passing a major development milestone, NASA is ready to proceed with final design and construction of its next […]

MUFON-NC Comes to Raleigh NC on August 13

June 27, 2016

August Meeting Invites Triangle Guests and Ufologists Released by Lakita Adams, State Director MUFON-NC The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) North Carolina chapter is coming to Raleigh NC for their August quarterly meeting!  The group meets regularly to discuss UFO […]

Space Station Crew Members Back on Terra Firma

June 18, 2016

Three Space Station Crew Members Return to Earth, Land Safely in Kazakhstan Released by Tabatha Thompson (NASA HQ) and Dan Huot (Johnson Space Center) Three crew members from the International Space Station returned to Earth at […]

Porter Ranch CA Methane Leak Observed from Space

June 17, 2016

NASA Spots Single Methane Leak from Earth Observing-1 Equipment Released by Alan Buis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory For the first time, an instrument onboard an orbiting spacecraft has measured the methane emissions from a single, specific leaking facility on […]

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