Yahyah’s Empanadas delivers for Zebulon, NC (and Beyond)

Yahyah's Empanadas savory Buffalo Chicken with spicy sour cream, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier
Yahyah's Empanadas savory Buffalo Chicken with spicy sour cream, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier

By Kay Whatley, Editor

For those who live in Zebulon, North Carolina and surrounding Five County area, you’re familiar with the lack of delivery from restaurants in the town. Other than a national brand pizza joint, and a couple of attempts over the years by other town eateries, there’s little you can get delivered if you live in or near Zebulon. Well, that’s changed now with Yahyah’s Empanadas providing delivery in a 20-mile radius around downtown.

Delivery times vary, and can cover lunch and dinner. And what they deliver is delicious!  Yahyah’s offers dinner plates — with rice, plantain, and many other side dishes available — along with their namesake empanadas.

Empanadas are kind of like turnovers, or fruit pies. They are a pastry rolled out, filled, folded, pinched at the edges, and then fried or baked.

We chose to have empanadas delivered for our dinner, picking six types from their assortment of savory empanadas (seasoned meats, cheeses, vegetables) and sweet empanadas (apple-cinnamon-caramel, sweet potato, and s’mores).

I called in-advance, placed our order, and set the delivery time. (Note: If you order more than 10, the empanada price drops to about two bucks each.) Being the first time ordering from Yahyah’s, it was tough for me to gauge the size of the empanadas from their online photos. So, we ordered extra, figuring any leftovers could be heated up for the next meal.

The delivery person arrived on time with our still-hot order. Savory empanadas came with a side of a spicy sour cream mix for dipping and were perfectly fried and delicious. Each was filled with good shredded meats, perfectly cooked veggies, and a tangy, melty cheese that complimented the other fillings.

Yahyah's Empanadas sweet S'Mores, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier
Yahyah’s Empanadas sweet S’Mores, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier

For dessert, the cinnamon apple empanadas arrived drenched in warm caramel, and the s’mores with marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs on top.

While we enjoyed every single one, hands-down the Buffalo Chicken was our favorite. OMG.

As to the size, the empanadas are approximately 5″ long. Everyone’s appetite is different. I’d estimate that two empanadas might make a nice lunch, but we ate three each for dinner and, to be honest, I could’ve eaten a fourth except that I wanted to save one for later.

So A+ to Yahyah’s Empanadas for offering delivery in Zebulon, for on-time delivery, for delicious food (I feel like I ate something that was actually good for me), for a satisfying dessert, and for reasonable prices.

We will definitely be ordering from this Zebulon eatery again and recommend their crispy pastry packets containing practically-portable meals and desserts.

Order for delivery as we did, or place an order for pick up. Patronize this local business so we can all have their good food available, downtown and at our front doors.

Yahyah’s Empanadas is in the process of moving locations — they’re staying in Zebulon, NC! Follow their updates on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yahyahsempanadas to see future announcements, and check out their weekly menu additions.


Yahyah's Empanadas sweet Cinnamon Apple with caramel drizzle, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier
Yahyah’s Empanadas sweet Cinnamon Apple with caramel drizzle, Zebulon, NC. Photo: Nadia Ethier


Ed. Note: Updated June 15, 2020 to clarify size.

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