Carmike 10-Wilson Movie Review: Madea’s Witness Protection

By Frank and Kay Whatley

The movie review this issue is Madea’s Witness Protection. This latest Tyler Perry production brings the familiar characters back, this time to protect a government witness from the mob.

The seventh “Madea” film, this flick continues the saga with a story including family squabbles, issues of dealing with difficult life situations, and doing the right thing. Eugene Levy of SCTV fame shines as the accountant accused of wrong-doing, and Tyler Perry’s character as the government agent who wants to help him make things right.

Aside from some “innuendo” here and there, there isn’t anything that seemed too inappropriate for children. As usual, our teen and pre-teen were in tow, and our younger daughter enjoyed the movie more than our teen boy.

This movie is funny. There is a scene with the airport TSA that anyone may find funny whether they’ve dealt with air travel or not, and an homage to an old 1990 movie — I don’t want to give more away! If you’re a fan of Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, or general mayhem, this movie is for you.

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